Three Papers Accepted by IEEE TMC, TDSC, and ACM TOPS

Our paper “TED+Utility-Aware Time Series Data Release with Anomalies under TLDP” has been accepted by IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing (TMC). Our paper “A Utility-aware Anonymization Model for Multiple Sensitive Attributes Based on Association Concealment” has been accepted by IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing (TDSC). Our paper “DeepMark: A Scalable and Robust Framework…

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Four Papers Accepted by IEEE TKDE, T-ITS, ACM TOSN, and Computers&Security

Our paper “TED+: Towards Discovering Top-k Edge-Diversified Patterns in a Graph Database” has been accepted by IEEE TKDE. Our paper “Secure Traffic Monitoring with Spatio-temporal Metadata Protection Using Oblivious RAM” has been accepted by IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems. Our paper “Collecting Multi-type and Correlation-Constrained Streaming Sensor Data with Local Differential Privacy” has been…

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(New!) Multiple PhD students, research assistants, and postdocs wanted

I have openings for 3+ PhD students (2024 in-take), and 4+ research assistants/postdoc researchers (immediately available) in the field of machine learning, data security and privacy, and blockchain (new!). The detailed requirements of PhD applicants are as follows: Bachelor or Master degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or Information Engineering in well-known universities. Preferences are…

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